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Choose from a catalog of opportunities such as Expired Listings, For Sale by Owner, notice of Default and Sale, Just Listed and Sold, and several additional categories. Updated daily, ReboGateway provides unlimited access to information with proven efficiency and results. In addition, ReboGateway will track all the activity imaginable within the areas desired and then provide daily notifications via email pertaining to new NODs, NOSs, Expireds and more. The Tract Utility will inform users of analytics such as turn over ratios for each housing tract, potential next sellers, detailed breakdown of those agents and offices conducting business in those tracts, and much, much more.
No longer look to those faxes that never make it through, having to hand deliver documents to your clients for review or obtain signatures. No longer wonder what documents are needed or are missing within a transaction, as ReboCollab has solved these issues and opened the door to a manner of conducting real estate transactions that will reduce many of the day to day issues that arise from inadequate business systems and procedures. ReboCollab enables all parties within the transaction to become more relevant to the transactions and each other, thus presenting an entirely new fashion of generating new business and clients.
Title Tool Box
Title Tool Box is providing the ability to pull farms immediately and is empowering the individual to take control of their data needs. Looking for a specific geographical farm, property information surrounding a specific property or client based on a radius or boundary search around that property, or possibly all the neighbors around a specific property? If so, Title Tool Box is the tool for you!
Imagine a completely automated process to complete the entire disclosure process and all from the comfort of one's home and computer. ReboDocs provides an automated service to you and your clients that will enhance the entire real estate transactional process. No longer make the disclosure process such a tedious and time consuming task, look to ReboDocs and discover the best way to complete one of the most tedious tasks we are faced with during the real estate transactional process.
ReboMarketing is the next source of efficient and successful marketing ideas. Successful marketing is not feasible in any real estate market without the core components of reliable data and creative ideas. ReboMarketing is fueled by the powerful Benutech platforms combined with the talented marketing partners within the company. Whether utilizing the open source template catalog provided in ReboGateway or looking for the imaginative and highly creative customized pieces available via ReboMarketing, know you are in good hands with the ReboMarketing platform.
XDSS is providing individual professionals as well as corporations the seamless process to electronically sign documents anytime, anywhere and on any device. In today's busy world it is more imperative than ever to provide the most efficient and convenient options to both clients and associates within your day to day operations. XDSS makes the complex workflow that is related to real estate transactions both simple and efficient. Take advantage of XDSS to save time, stay mobile, reduce costs and contribute to the Go Green movement. No longer rely upon those other platforms that are not user friendly, confusing, and monotonous and experience the future of electronic signatures with Benutech's XDSS.